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Who are we?

BaileyBea.com is a modern online stationery and personalized gift store that offers unique finds, and invitations from a variety of top brands.  From Boatman Geller, Kelly Hughes Designs, Laura Mitzelfelt, Dabney Lee,  to Clairebella, Whitney English, Hicks Paper Goods, and Letters for Lilly, our brands are the highest quality in personalized gifts and stationery. 

Bailey Bea Designs was founded in 2007 by Nancy Thompson, who after working in high-tech marketing for 14 years, decided to follow her passion for fine paper, a love of fonts, patterns and typography, and the perfect gift.  

We started out with three brands in 2007 and have grown to over 30 brands in 2011 and over 8,000 products.  This year we are expanding many of our offerings for customers.

Whether you are shopping for a newborn or a grown-up, Bailey Bea Designs has the perfect gift!


Q&A w/Nancy

Q: What's the surprise seller in 2011?

A:  Lake House Designs Monogram Checkbook covers. When the economy picked up so did sales for these! 

Q: What theme in paper is your favorite?

A:  Anything nautical because I am really a beach person at heart.  I'd rather be at the beach anyday. I also love Madras and Awning stripes.

Q: What's your most versatile product?

A: Stickers and Enclosures for sure! They can be used for gift tags, address labels, book plates, decorative accents for cupcake toppers, and candles.  Enclosures can be used for quick elegant dinner party invitations.  They are small and classic.  There's a reason enclosures have been part of the stationery wardrobe for hundreds of years.

Q: What causes do you feel strongly about?

A: Well, a few things.  Education for special needs children and breast cancer awareness.

Q: What are your favorite magazines?

A: Lately it's Lonny Magazine and Rue. I am loving online mags on my iPad.  For anyone in love with patterns, styles, and fonts, these magazines are eye candy!



The Original Bailey Bea!

When I started putting together Bailey Bea I didn't have a name or logo. Someone asked me, "So what's the most fun name you can think of?"

Just then I called my dog, "Bailey Bea!"   

"That's it!" my friend said.

And the rest is history!

So YES, I did name my business after my adorable English Springer Spaniel, Princess Bailey Beatrice the Dog. Bailey passed away shortly after I launched my business, but we had a wonderful 12 years being the best of buds.  If anyone wants to make a running bet on my 2nd company, let me tell you my current dog is a Parti Cocker Spaniel named "Cookie."   I'm sure we'll work her in there sometime in the future.

Here's a pic of the original Bailey Bea! -->