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Printing Tips

Here are some simple printing tips so you an print invitations from blank stock at home with your inkjet printer:

Step 1:  Look at your invitation

Which way do you want to print it?  Portrait or landscape?  Portrait is vertical and landscape is horizontal.  The design on your invitation should dictate how it is to be printed.  See below--the boy is tumbling.  If we turned the invitation around, he would look like he's waving his hands in the air instead of tumbling. So remember to look closely at your design and follow the printing style that goes best with the invitation.



Step 2:  Measure the invitation



Step 3:  Measure the Margins



Step 4: Create Custom Paper Size in Microsoft Word

  • In Microsoft Word select Page Setup.
  • Under Paper Size select Manage Custom Size.
  • Enter your invitation size under Page Size.  Be sure to make sure the measurements match the orientation of the invitation.


Step 5: Enter margins or Non Printable Area


Step 6:  Enter invitation text

Enter the text just the way you would like it to appear on your invitation.   You may want to play with the alignment and font size to make it look just right.  Don't forget to add spacing in between lines as well.


Step 7: Test print your invitation

The best way to test print is to cut a piece of regular printing paper the exact size of your invitation.  Set it in the printer to print and note whether the top of the invitation or the bottom of the invitation prints first.  This approach helps when trying to figure out which end of your invitation to feed into the printer. There are usually diagrams on your printer that tell you this as well.  

Take the printed paper and lay it on top of one of your blank invitations.  Hold it up to a light so you can see through the white printing paper.  Does the orientation look correct?  If it doesn't, you can easily go back and make adjustments in the margins.  Print as many test prints as needed until the print out looks just right.   Note:  Remember to trim the printing paper to the exact invitation size each time.

Once you're pleased with the results, you are ready to print.


Step 8: Print your invitation